Spitmann - Gasket Sheets

Construction: Special Spring like Metal strips are wound with an Asbestos Filler by a special process to assure a leak proof seal. The sealing is done by the Asbestos Filler and the metal strip provides the spring. This combination of metal and soft asbestos Filler piles compresses to its predetermined thickness under bolting pressure and thereby preventing leakage within the limit of its specified pressure and temperature ranges. With the addition of Centering devices, adapt "SPITMAAN" Spiral Wound Gaskets to use on many types of flanges and closures.

Hints Of Installation & Maintenance:

When installing a Spiral Wound Gasket, check the dimensions of the Gaskets for use between pipe and pressure vessel flanges. The procedure is as follows:-

Measure ID of flange contact face.

Measure Gasket ID. If Gasket ID is not 1/8" larger than flange ID, do not use it unless it can be installed perfectly centered.

A Spiral Wound Gasket does not have the same feel as other Metallic or Non-Metallic Gaskets during the bolting-up. It's different-because it gives a little bit under each bolt as it is tightened. It is therefore important to tighten the bolts in small steps in proper sequence as shown hereunder. Final tightening must be uniform with each bolt pulling same load. This will guarantee a trouble free joint. If not uniform, the joint may leak-particularly after it has been in hot service. Tighten the bolts after 24 hours and again a week later.

For more details please visit : www.spitmaan.com/jointing-sheets/spiral-wound.htm/

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