Premium Kits

PHORGUN Cleaning kits are made for astute gun owners who know and value quality more than anything else. Each kit is made after thoughtfully considering the needs of the gun owners. These kits are available in various combinations and variations.

PHORGUN Universal kit- PHORGUN Universal kit is a deluxe kit for sophisticated gun owners. This rich presentation box blends beautifully with useful mix of cleaning components and accessories. This box contains everything an astute gun owner may need to take care of his gun without compromising on quality and style. This 32 pieces kit a proud possession for a proud gun owner.

Each kit features best-made cleaning components in the industry. PHORGUN Universal Rods are made of smooth high grade Steel with rotating handle. Metal Shotgun handles are included for satisfaction of shotgun cleaning.
Assortment of brushes is of best quality available in the industry to give best cleaning effect without affecting the gun barrel.

Shotgun Box Kits- Shotgun Box Kits are made for people who know quality when they see one. These kits contain 3 pieces precision-made metal rods with brass coupling, which will be a proud possession for the owner and can be handed down through generations. Brushes are made of best material available to give maximum durability. Thoughtful inclusion of Shotgun plug is a great safety item when the gun is not in use. Rich looking boxes are made with such thoughtfulness that each boxes are unique and can be a great presentation item as corporate or individual gifts.

Soft Cleaning Kits

Philosophy behind PHORGUN soft cleaning kits is portability and convenience without compromising on functionality and quality. PHORGUN soft cleaning kits are made after thoughtfully considering the needs and requirements of gun owners who are constantly on the move. PHORGUN soft cleaning kits come in various colorful combinations and hence can be a very good corporate and individual gift items. Soft cleaning kits come in two different variants; All gun, Shot gun.

Allgun Soft Kit- Allgun Soft Kit is expandable soft premium quality leather like pouch that carries everything needed to clean all types of firearms. These un-rolls to display all the tools and accessories. This is the most complete and compact cleaning kit available, ideal gift for field, at home or traveling competition shooter. A must for multiple gun owners. This kit contains 5 piece universal engineered steel rods, which are precision manufactured to exacting tolerance and surface smoothness with rotating tough nylon handle, which allows the accessories to follow the rifting in the barrel accurately for ideal cleaning. Phosphor bronze brushes are made of finest material available coupled with superior engineering. Muzzle guards are thoughtful inclusion, to take care of your guns’ barrel from damaged accidentally at the time of cleaning. Patch holder and cotton mops can give your gun the superior final finish. Inclusion of screwdrivers of two different size has enhanced the value of the kit many fold as the most complete gun care kit.
Shotgun Soft kits- Shotgun Soft kits are made of premium quality leather like that roll up to be a part of any shooter’s gun accessory without taking any additional space. Rods are made of precision engineered ABS that is tough enough to withstand very high wear and tear but soft enough not to damage the gun bore during usage. Shotgun Soft kits are available in 10g, 12g 16g, 20g and 28g.

Utility Kits

Handgun Soft kits- Handgun Soft kits are made of premium quality nylon pouch that becomes a part of shooter’s gun accessory without taking any additional space. This kit is very convenient for storing and carrying Rods are made of precision engineered metal. Mussel guard is included to take care of the mussel of the handgun at the time of cleaning.

Chamber flags are a thoughtful inclusion for safety. Considering the recent development in the shooting sports scenario PHORGUN is pleased to announce its latest Airgun cleaning kit. It is a complete cleaning kit with rods, brushes, mops and cleaning chemicals. Rods are made of high-grade steel with rotating handle.
Brushes are made of phosphor bronze and nylon of .177 cal. and gives maximum cleaning efficiency. Also included in the kit is cotton bore mop.3-in-one gun conditioner with cleaning patches completes the kit for sportsman who understands that proper upkeep of his gun is very important for precision shooting and make all the difference between a winner and a loser.

Police Kits- PHORGUN police cleaning kit is a compact, easy to carry kit that goes where you go. This is a favorite for law enforcement agencies and military as part of their personal gun accessory. It carries everything needed for a complete cleaning while on duty and on the move. It is a rugged nylon pouch with belt holder and Velcro closures the things inside in its right place. Probable users are Police force, Military, and Para Military who require no non-sense but efficient cleaning. Available in bore specific category like 9mm and any other sizes as per requirement.

Value Kits

In consistence with PHORGUN philosophy of giving value to all customers our value kits are great buy for gun enthusiasts who value quality more than anything else.

Universal Rod Set- PHORGUN 6 pieces precision-made metal rod sets are made with an exacting standard of accuracy. These set of rods can be used with all type of PHORGUN accessories with appropriate adopted. Thoughtful inclusion of a phosphor bronze brush of specific bore enhances the value of this set of rods. This set is packed in high quality plastic shell with sliding cards so that it can be stored even after repeated use.

Shot Gun Rods Set- Our new molded ABS rods for shotgun are made from best material available with exacting precision. These rods are tough to stand very high wear and tear during usage but soft enough not to damage the bore of the gun. Handle of the rod is shaped in such a way as to give maximum griping comfort and
efficiency to the user. These precision made rods give maximum value for money to the gun owner who wants quality without any compromise. These rods are most popular with shotgun users as they never damage the bore of the gun and do not compromise on the quality of cleaning. Inclusion of one metal brush with these rod sets makes this a great buy for people who want value for money without any compromise on quality. This set is packed in high quality plastic shell with sliding cards so that it can be stores even after repeated use.

Chemical & Solvents

No gun cleaning is complete without the proper use of right chemicals and lubricants. It is very important that chemical and lubricant used for cleaning is of superior quality as lesser quality chemical and lubricant can damage your expensive gun, without you being aware of it. PHORGUN gun cleaning chemicals and lubricants are developed and made keeping this in mind so that you can assured of your gun’s performance even after repeated use and cleaning.

PHORGUN Kopper Solvent- PHORGUN Kopper Solvent is best its class of chemical. It is concentrated copper, lead powder and plastic remover. It removes copper as it aggressively cuts though fouling. It is ideal chemical for removing plastic and any other fouling as well.

PHORGUN 3-in-One Gun Conditioner- PHORGUN 3-in-One Gun Conditioner cleaning lubricates and prevents rusts. It has solvents for effective cleaning, petroleum oil with light viscosity for lubricating for displacing water for proving rust protection.

PHORGUN Aquagun Cleaner- PHORGUN Aquagun Cleaning is a unique bio-degradable solution. It contains titanium that gives your gun a titanium coating while using. Titanium coating makes your gun dust resistant. Its anti-rust agent works as rust inhibitor and protects your gun. Use Aquagun Cleaning before storing your gun for a longer period to give proper protection to your gun.

Brushes, Mops and Jags

PHORGUN brushes and cotton mops are best in the industry as they give maximum cleaning without damaging the gun bore. Available on Phosphor Bronze, Black nylon material to suite different bore sizes. Thread sizes are universal so that you can pair any brush or mop with any type of PHORGUN rods and handles.

PHORGUN Phosphor Bronze- PHORGUN phosphor bronze brushes are precision made for effective removal of metal fouling and powder residues without damaging the gun bore. Wire bristles are straight and not crimped to give more effective cleaning power. Available in different sizes to match all types of gun bores. Phosphor bronze brushes are made from the right kind of phosphor bronze wires to give them optimum pliability and strength so that they do not damage the inside of your gun barrel. Available in various sizes as per market requirement.
Cleaning Jags- Precision made jags is a favorite of shooting experts for a through cleaning. Metal jags fitted with sized patch best and most efficient for most demanding cleaning, as it covers the bore of the gun completely. A PHORGUN Brass jag with right sized patch covers the entire bore of the gun thereby cleaning the gun thoroughly. PHORGUN jags are available in different sizes to be used for different type of gun bore.

PHORGUN Nylon Bore Brushes- PHORGUN nylon bore brushes are rugged, stiff and are made of heavy duty thick bristles. They are most effective for even the toughest cleaning jobs. Available in different sizes to match different types of gun bore.

Cotton Bore Mops- PHORGUN cotton mops are made of 100% cotton which gives best absorbency possible. Available in different sizes to suite different bore type. Use Cotton bore mops with PHORGUN Kopper Solvent when even necessary to get mazimum cleaning effect.


Gun Cleaning Cloths and Patches- Use of proper clothes and patches at the time of cleaning your gun is very important as lot of cleaning efficiency depends on the quality of cloth being used. Phorgun cloths and patches are developed keeping this in mind and gives highest cleaning efficiency and satisfaction.

Cotton Patches- PHORGUN cotton patches are made from premium quality cotton flannel cloths, which provide maximum absorbency as well as bore protection. PHORGUN patches are cut to precision to ensure maximum cleaning and right fit when used with PHORGUN Cleaning Jags.

Patch Holders- PHORGUN patch holders are used for giving your gun that final finishing touch after a thorough of the bore of your gun. Depending on the bore of the gun, patch holders are available in engineered high grade steel and plastic.

Chamber Flags and shotgun Plugs- Safety is a very important concern for all responsible gun owners. PHORGUN chamber flags and shotgun plugs are created in keeping this in mind. Use PHORGUN chamber flags and shotgun plugs as a safety measure when storing or transporting your gun. This rugged nylon teams in bright color inside your gun ensures that it is empty.

Mmuzzle Guard- PHORGUN muzzle guard, when used at the time of cleaning, prevents damage to the barrel crown when cleaned from the muzzle end as this is a very sensitive area of the gun which, if damaged can affect the efficiency of your gun. The muzzle guard keeps the cleaning rod centered while cleaning and helps contact of the barrel and rod.

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